'A Syndrome Through Colours; Discovering how graphic design can collaborate in showcasing a medical condition in order to translate it into an artistic practice and what can be learnt about this condition from such visual research'

Estelle’s dissertation focuses on her chronic condition ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (IBS). She explores how her medical condition that poses various challenges can be intertwined with art practice to allow for further knowledge relating to the syndrome. Aiming to discover how she can translate the challenges it brings into creative artistic practice, this project attempts to illustrate, communicate, and reconfigure aspects. Various audiences are encouraged to come up with alternative meaning-making and interpretive strategies, playfully and experimentally. Documenting everything that she experiences in a visual journal through the use of colour coding, she manages to capture this medical condition into several specific personal illustrations, combining them into one installation. An internal condition which is brought out and translated externally through visual data.